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about DANRIE

Since a young age, Stacy and Ernest Sauceda grew up in a single-mom household. Their mother, Debbie Sauceda, was quite the creative, musician, and entrepreneur herself. Having the itch for music in their blood, Stacy and Ernest grew up learning to sing and play Mariachi music at long-standing business, The Mariachi Connection, in San Antonio,TX.

In the 2000's, Debbie Sauceda began running the office of world-renowned mariachi ensemble, Campanas De America. Soon after, Ernest began performing with the group with his sister joining Campanas De America for major concerts and events.


Pictured here is the family in Washington, D.C. when both Stacy and Ernest performed at The Kennedy Center for the Hispanic Heritage Awards televised on NBC. As years passed, both children grew in their success as accomplished artists performing at venues like The Hollywood Bowl and The White House.


Against all odds, this superhero mother stood by their side and ensured them that a career in arts was not only possible, but their God-given destiny.

The Sauceda family has certainly made their mark on the San Antonio creative scene. Both Stacy and Ernest have toured the states and overseas in the perspective disciplines but never forgot about the one who helped them the most... their Mom.

Debbie R_edited.jpg

Danrie was founded as a continuation of the love from their mother, Debbie Sauceda. Her unending support of live theatre, education, and the inclusion of all people, has turned into the company's founding principles.

¡Viva Danrie!​

Debbie R. Sauceda

May 2, 1966 - August 31, 2019


"Producing live theatre was something I had always dreamed of doing. DANRIE has become the vehicle for me to create new ideas alongside other talented artists.

My goal is to gift the community with unmatched theatrical experiences crafted from my time onstage with amazing companies.

I can't wait to see you at VOLO!"

Ernest Sauceda

Creative Producer

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